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Top 3 Apps to Save You Money

Top 3 Apps to Save You Money

The smartphone has become the one-stop-shop when it comes to consumer demands. It feels like there is an app for almost everything. With the influx of unique and intuitive apps, there is no better time in history to take advantage of finance-related technology.

We’ve rounded up our favorite apps to help calculate budgets, curb overspending and avoid late payments. Here are our top five recommendations:

1. Honey

A great money-saving app is Honey. The PEW Research Center estimated that 80% of Americans have purchased something online, and forecasts for online shopping continue to show upward trends. If you are one of the millions of online shoppers who loves the convenience and ease of getting items you need without having to leave your home, the Honey app can help you save money and limit overspending—something that can easily happen when shopping online.

Honey also has a free browser extension for your desktop computer. The extension automatically finds coupon codes for your store of choice and then applies them at checkout. Honey can find coupons for over 30,000 shopping websites!

2. Mint

While some people deal with habits of overspending when shopping, others are plagued by fees and penalties from late payments. To help with the latter, Mint may be your new best friend. Mint allows users to track all of their bills and set up payment alerts, making late fees and penalties a thing of the past. The Mint app is free and simple to set up.

3. iXpenseIt

This app simplifies your daily and monthly budgeting. You can store all of your receipts in the app by simply taking a picture. iXpenseIt allows you to create different reports on your finances, like tracking your paychecks, seeing how much you spend dining-out, how much you spend on gasoline, etc.

iXpenseIt also has some advanced financial settings, like helping you with password protection, currency conversion if you are traveling, a budgeting mode, and creating different categories to track your spending.

Financial apps can be a great resource when it comes to the basics, but it’s also important to have a comprehensive financial plan. By working with an experienced Financial Advisor, you can gain a much better understanding of your financial situation. Our knowledge combined with today’s technological advances can help you get on track with your savings and finance goals before you know it.